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Urban Fantasy author and Narrative Designer for [can’t tell you yet!] Find everything you need right here ->
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I think I’ve written a story like this every year since 2018 and I’ll keep doing it because each year someone has messaged me to say thanks.

First of all, this is not a dig on NaNo, I love this time of year. I don’t participate anymore, but I used…

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June 13, 1997
Richmond, Virginia

The heavy rain soaked through her clothes as Cosima hurried down the darkened street. She clutched her swollen, pregnant stomach in a bare-knuckled attempt to keep warm, but it was more than just chills that shivered through her body. She silently thanked the powers-that-be that…

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I joined the Medium platform back in 2018 and for a while I was a very avid reader and publisher. I wrote almost daily and I couldn’t stop reading everything that came through my feed, I was addicted. …

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Last month I turned 30. The big 3 0. I currently live in New Zealand so I spent my birthday in lockdown, not that I’ve ever done much to celebrate my birthdays, anyway.

For me, nothing really changed between 29 and 30. The only difference I feel is one of…

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I wasn’t in the groups of people diving into Kindle Vella when it launched. I honestly didn’t even know it existed until recently because I completely missed all of the pre-launch emails to writers. Silly me.

When I did learn about it I was skeptical of the notion, probably like… | Sweet Girl Promo by Netflix

I’ll be the first to say that I love Jason Momoa. I think he’s a refreshing personality in Hollywood, and I haven’t seen a role of his I haven’t liked in some way, including his role in Sweet Girl.

It’s too bad that Sweet Girl turned into a major disappointment.

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I joined Medium back in 2018 as both a reader and a writer.

We’re now in the second half of 2021 (Jesus where did those years go??)and Medium has made many, many changes in the past three years.

The mobile app is ever-changing in small, minute ways. The front page…

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I’ve been back on Medium in earnest maybe a month so far and 6/10 stories are about “How you can make $500 a month!” or whatever number they plug in to get views.

Before I left, these stories were super prevalent, now that I’m back, they’re just as prevalent and…


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