I’m Working Hard to Make Medium my Home Again

It’s been so long. I keep trying and failing, but this time I’ll succeed.

Jaxon Lee Rose


Photo by Ephraim Mayrena on Unsplash

A few years ago I discovered Medium, and it was a game changer for me. I started out as just a reader and slowly found myself spending more time here than on social media scrolling endlessly through all of the bullshit.

Then I ended up subscribing, not to earn money, but to read all the articles locked behind the paywall. It was an addiction, but compared to the other electronic addictions so many of us have (especially me), it felt like a healthy one. It was so much more wholesome and and full of quality content. So much better than endless videos of wild Karens on the rampage. I became invested in clapping and making sure my $5 a month went to the writers I loved. I made sure to give as much love as I could, where I could.

I’ve never been good at commenting and sparking conversations in replies because I’m so introverted, so I tried to make up for this with claps.

Claps claps claps. I love your work and I sat around trying to make everyone know it.

Well, as you may have guessed, I eventually started writing on here myself, and soon I fell right down the rabbit hole. I was publishing 2–3 articles a week, sometimes more. I was writing my heart out. Some things were just diary like splurges of my personal experiences, many were centered around writing fiction, which is and always will be my first writing love.

Before long, I found myself a top writer in two categories and small bits of pocket change started rolling in.

It was … fulfilling. I felt validated in my efforts. Someone (many someones, actually) was reading my work and I was earning from it. In my personal life, I’ve never had luck getting my friends and family to read my work and give valid feedback. Most likely because I’m so introverted, I’m not a worthy enough friend for any of them to put forth that sort of effort on my behalf.

You win some, you lose some. It is what it is.

The thing is, after all of my work on Medium, after increasing my earnings to solid lunch-money-budget-level, I quietly left the platform. I kept the account of course, I hopped on and read…



Jaxon Lee Rose

Dark Fantasy Writer | 3D Artist for Bella Nacht Minis | Narrative Designer for Ghost Moth Games