Lori Grimes Doesn’t Deserve your Hate

I just finished the comics for the first time, and started a rewatch of The Walking Dead. Sit tf down, haters.

Jaxon Lee Rose


This story is going to contain spoilers for both The Walking Dead TV show and the comic series. So if you’re not caught up on this absolute banger of a universe, proceed with caution.

Lori Grimes

I was reminded of the hate for Lori Grimes recently when I scrolled past a TikTok video someone made showing the top 5 most hated TV characters. She was listed, and despite the creator acknowledging that she was, indeed, one of the most hated TV characters (beaten by Jeoffry Baratheon, of course) she couldn’t really explain why, and only really said that it was maybe because she sorta played Rick against Shane, and that’s why everyone hated her … Hmm …

Now, when I saw that TikTok video, I remembered also feeling distaste for Lori back in the day when I was much younger and dumber, but I couldn’t remember why.

I saw this video right before I started my massive 3 week binge of all 194 issues of The Walking Dead comics for the first time. So I was already in the mood to be reminded.

However … In the comics, I found nothing distasteful about Lori Grimes at all. Her life was complicated, just like everyone’s life became complicated once the dead started walking around looking for human snacks.

This woman watched her husband fall into a coma after being shot on the job. The number one fear of any police-spouse. Days later, dead bodies stand up and start walking around. So she’s dealing with her own grief and desperation for her husband, trying to take care of an 8 year old boy struggling with the potential loss of his father, and now dead people are trying to eat them. Chaos erupts overnight, and the only person there for them is someone she’s known for a very long time and no-doubt considers part of her family.


Shane is absolutely part of the family, as Rick’s best friend, and of course both Lori and Carl have feelings for him. Not romantic feelings on Lori’s part, but feelings. This man has been part of their lives for years.



Jaxon Lee Rose

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