To Follow or Not To Follow

This 100 follower requirement is driving down proper engagement and quality.

Jaxon Lee Rose


Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

I joined the Medium platform back in 2018 and for a while I was a very avid reader and publisher. I wrote almost daily and I couldn’t stop reading everything that came through my feed, I was addicted. It was better than Facebook and a welcome substitution for that poisonous platform.

I never made much, but I funded my Starbucks addiction from my stories and that was enough to make me think my work was worth it. I definitely enjoy it.

I became a top writer in Fiction and Short Stories very quickly, and that is still the highlight of my Medium career, even more than the money. However, real life took over and Medium faded away. I wrote one or two articles here and there, but it wasn’t an adamant part of my work life anymore and disappeared off of my priority list.

You can read about that drama here if you’re inclined, it’s a bit of a doozy and makes me shudder. Live and learn.

During my entire hiatus from the platform I continued to earn revenue, not much, but enough for my Parter Program to pay for itself and my follower list continued to rise until it reached over 1k.

Imagine my surprise the day I logged in and realized I’d hit that mark!

In the last couple few months I’ve been making it a habit to come back to the app more, to write more and definitely read more content but changes have come to the platform and I can’t say I’m exactly happy about it.

Just after I returned, the new Partner Program requirements came into play, including the 100 follower requirement.

This is where Medium went wrong, in my opinion.

Since then, I’ve noticed a great uptick in my followers. I get daily emails from Medium telling me I have 4 new followers. Jaxon, you have 13 new followers! 8 new followers today!



Jaxon Lee Rose

Dark Fantasy Writer | 3D Artist for Bella Nacht Minis | Narrative Designer for Ghost Moth Games