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I had very high hopes for this Momoa film, but the writers let me down. | Sweet Girl Promo by Netflix

I’ll be the first to say that I love Jason Momoa. I think he’s a refreshing personality in Hollywood, and I haven’t seen a role of his I haven’t liked in some way, including his role in Sweet Girl.

It’s too bad that Sweet Girl turned into a major disappointment.

I’d rate it a solid 5/10, only because the cast was good and their acting done well, but the writing was horrible. …

There have been so many alterations these past years.

Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

I joined Medium back in 2018 as both a reader and a writer.

We’re now in the second half of 2021 (Jesus where did those years go??)and Medium has made many, many changes in the past three years.

The mobile app is ever-changing in small, minute ways. The front page has had drastic alterations since 2018. Not to mention the algorithm changes, the payment changes, the self-curation addition and publication overhaul.

They keep skipping one very important change that should have been one of the first things they ever added to their platform.

Sure, it exists in the mobile version…

I’ll give you the tools to experiment with, but I won’t promise you X amount of money per month.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I’ve been back on Medium in earnest maybe a month so far and 6/10 stories are about “How you can make $500 a month!” or whatever number they plug in to get views.

Before I left, these stories were super prevalent, now that I’m back, they’re just as prevalent and written by mostly the same people and most of them end with a bid to buy their snake-oil course on how to make money. Those courses never really seem to work, do they? Heh, imagine that.

Now, I’m all about the hustle. Side hustles, for me, are fun, challenging and…

I’m self diagnosed, but this is the only answer I have

Photo by Taylor on Unsplash

I’m a self employed 3D artist. My whole livelihood relies on my hand and wrist to work to make money to keep a roof over my and my cat’s head (mostly his).

So imagine not just the physical pain, but the mental frustration to realize that that thing I’d been warned about as a kid by overzealous adults who could barely type their own names was real. Carpal Tunnel.

Yes, this was something I never thought would happen to me. I never thought ‘oh i’m totally immune!’ I just thought — this isn’t my problem, I’m fine.

And then I…

Being self-employed and work from home, on my own schedule.

Left: Ophelia, a tall necromancer witch holding a skull, wearing a split dress, stockings and garters. Text: ‘How it started’. Right: Saphira, a one winged angel sitting on a stack of palets holding a cigarette, wearing cargo pants, sports bra and military style boots. Text: ‘How it’s going’
Left: Ophelia, a tall necromancer witch holding a skull, wearing a split dress, stockings and garters. Text: ‘How it started’. Right: Saphira, a one winged angel sitting on a stack of palets holding a cigarette, wearing cargo pants, sports bra and military style boots. Text: ‘How it’s going’
My first figure, Ophelia (left) vs. one of my recent figures, Saphira (right)

It started towards the end of 2019 when my beauty brand business failed, I was broke, my lease was ending and so was my visa to stay in Australia.

Covid was still a sub-heading in the news, nothing huge yet to most people. The student accommodation company I was working for was taking it seriously within our building cluster, but our area manager was just rolling his eyes at us as we scrambled to located students that had gone missing (trapped in quarantine in China at that time) and keep track of who’d been exposed and where.

I developed a way to plan a long series in a single document with ease.

Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

Fantasy writers please come be my friends, fiction writers of all kinds, I hope I can help you do some series plotting in a more streamlined (and fun) way.

When I started my series adventure, it was daunting to say the least. However, at the time it wasn’t the series aspect that I found daunting, it was the gravity of the first book itself.

After I finished my second draft I started brainstorming about what I would do with the second book, and maybe the third and then I realized I had made a number of errors in the first…

A follow up to my big success a couple of weeks ago

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this story. In it I did a lot of yapping about how hard it is to market fiction work, and how I’d suddenly had a massive success with my SSF novella, Challenger.

As we speak, Challenger is sitting at about 2700 total downloads since I had it sent out in a newsletter by WrittenWordMedia last month.

It’s still averaging 10–20 downloads a day on Kindle and is still sitting at #1 in a smaller category in the kindle store.

I’m still very excited about this. I’ve gained 19 ratings so far on the…

She doesn’t owe you her sexuality

Photo by Vitaly Mazur on Unsplash

I’m sure by now we all know who Billie Eilish is, whether or not you listen to her music.

She’s not my favorite artist, but I do enjoy her music and I respect her immensely. I also feel bad for all of the trouble she’s faced in her young career.

First she was constantly ridiculed for wearing baggy clothes, which p*sses me off for a number of reasons. The first and foremost being that she was a minor, yet people thought they had a right to her body regardless of her feelings.

She then faced backlash because she did a…

A Short Story (with demons)

Photo by Alex Braga on Unsplash

“Tis a fine day for a bag of Cheetos, Cheeto,” Zophiel said, strolling out of the deep shadows of the empty alley, a giant bag of Cheese Puffs in his hands.

“Really?” Chii asked. “That’s the best you can come up with? You can do better.” He didn’t turn around as the angel walked up behind him, but rather kept his eyes forward, his body still and quiet, because lurking in those quiet shadows of the alley was another being. It had been watching Chii for quite a while, uncertain of what to do.

Chii had hoped it would slink…


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